Notice of Performance for Texline ISD

About accountability ratings...

Texas annually rates its public schools and districts on the academic performance of their students. Texline ISD ratings may be located below and on the Texas Education Agency website.

 16-17 Texas Federal Report Card
 Texline District 16-17 Federal Report Card
 Texline School 16-17 Federal Report Card
16-17 School Report Card
2016-17 Final Texas Academic Performance Report
Overview 2017 Performance Index Framework
 2017 Accountability Summary
 2017 Accountability Rating
 2016 Accountability Summary

Texas 2015-16 Federal Report Card

Texas 2015-16 Federal Report Card

Texline ISD 2015-16 Federal Report Card

Debt Report 2017


PEIMS Financial Standard Reports - HERE
Campus Performance Objectives - HERE
Reports of Student Enrollment and Academic Performance - HERE
Violent or Criminal Incidents - NONE

Parental Involvement Policy
Parental Involvement Compact


 Texline ISD Highly Qualified