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The Pride of Texline ISD!

A Note from Mr. Johnson...


It has been a busy summer around Texline ISD. Talon had anywhere from 30-40 workers working throughout the summer. We knew it was going to be a tight window for them to finish before school started and they did their best to get it done. We just came up a week short of getting it all ready. It doesn't sound like too many people were too upset when I delayed school a week!!!! I know my teachers were not!
The extra week enabled us to get most of our technology back up and running and also allowed the teachers to get their rooms just like they wanted them. There seems to be an excitement throughout our school. I don't know if it is the renovation or just the excitement of a new year, either way I like it!
With the passage of HB 2610 last year, changing schools from days to minutes, we were able to adjust our daily schedule by 10 minutes to make up for the lost time. Our calendar will remain the same as approved. Our school day will start at 7:55 and release at 3:35 on full days and 7:55 to 12:15 on half days.
As of Monday, we started the school year with 178 students. We ended last year with 168. Word is getting around about how special this school is and everyone is wanting to bring their children to Texline.
We have 7 new members of our staff: Ross Perschbacher (JH English/Girls Basketball Coach; Danna Trujillo (HS English/Girls Assistant Coach); Cory Benson(6-9 Social Studies/Boys Assistant Coach); Samantha Benson (Teacher's Aide); Kathleen Watters(JH Math); Brian Wilson (HS Science); Adam Maestas (JH Science/HS Math). We're extremely excited to have all seven join our staff at Texline. I truly believe we have one of the best staffs in the State of Texas.
If you have driven by you have probably noticed us working on the south end of our Ag Shop. We have renovated the garage into a pottery studio. Mrs. Green has purchased a kiln and throwing wheel and will be teaching our students how to make pottery this school year.
We are also offering home economics courses again at Texline. Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Benson have started the year off by teaching the students how to stitch material and sew on buttons.
Coach Perschbacher, Coach Trujillo and the girls painted their dressing room a couple weeks ago and Coach Beckner and Coach Benson(really their wives) have been busy this last week painting the boys locker room as well.

We received our 2016 accountability rating this last week and Texline ISD met standard on all four indexes. We also received our 2015-2016 First Integrity Rating (Financial rating) and it was Superior. Both of these reports are very important ratings for our school district. The Board of Trustees also adopted our new tax rate for 2016-2017 at $1.1515. Our M&O rate is $1.07 and our I&S rate is $.0815.

Can you all feel the excitement of the great things happening at Texline ISD? Please feel free to come up and tour the facility at anytime. Also, our webpage

Let's make September a super school month,

Jody Johnson

Please check the TISD calendar online at for time updates and changes – we appreciate your support as a community.

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**8th - 12th graders are required to buy a case for their MacBook.